Call of Duty Black Ops – The Best Selling Game of the Year

Call of Duty Black Ops – The Best Selling Game of the Year

Do you really enjoy playing first person shooter video game? Do you enjoy playing Call of Duty game? This game is designed especially for the fans. There are many blogs leaking information about the release of the new Call of Duty Black Ops months before its debut. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 was debuted one year ago. Soon after it was debut, it has received many critics from fans and experts. The game is available for different types of platforms including PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PC, Wii, and Nintendo DS. It quickly became a bestselling game within a short period as soon as it was launched. Many people have enjoyed playing the singer player version of the game as well as online version of the game that allows multi players. Modern Warfare 2 remains the most enjoyable video game even after hours of gameplay.

Many copies of the Modern Warfare 2 have been sold and many fans have made their remarks on the gameplay. The pre-order sales showed that it surpassed the sales record of previous versions a few days before the release. Why fans get addicted over this game? Is there something special about this first person shooter game? Lets see why it is such as interesting game to play:

Cinematic, Story Driven Call of Duty Black Ops Video Game

The Call of Duty series offers one of the best cinematic experiences as a first person shooter game. First person shooter games usually involves a lot of running and shooting. Examples of such games are the original version of Doom, Duke Nukem 3D, and Unreal Tournament. Call of Duty is designed to let gamers completely engaged into fighting enemies in the war. The battlefield experience is so real that you can feel the bullets are flying past you and you need to hide in a shelter. It feels like you are really shooting the enemies with your gun as you fear for your life. There are only a small number of game developers that can come up with games that offer such experiences.

You would have sympathy on the characters in the game as if they are real human beings. Your mind would only come back to reality after you press the pause button. This is how the team that develop Call of Duty successfully achieve which each game version. Do you know how it feels to get completely immersed over playing the game.

The game does not just end after you have completed a campaign. You can replay the game and complete other campaigns that have higher difficulty levels. This allows you to experience the thrill of playing the game once more.

Online Multi-Player Mode

The fun does not just stop at being able to replay the game. There is an online version that features multiplayer mode. Although it is possible to set up a splitscreen multiplayer mode with the offline version, the online multiplayer mode is the best version. Most gamers have experienced the thrills of playing Modern Warfare 2 and its previous versions so they keep wanting to play the game repetitively. This gives you endless fun as you will get the best value for the money for the game. It is really worthy it to spend $60 for the game.

Call of Duty Black Ops has a lot of FFA or deathmatch games modes that gamers are used to playing. The latest version feature many new modes that make it stand out from other games. For example, the Halo video game only have a limited number of gameplay modes.Most people play this game without cheats but some use black ops 2 hack tool in this game so you can download them from this link.

Unlike Modern Warefare 2, you will earn COD points when you win matches and different types of challenges in Call of Duty Black Ops 2  . The points you earn can be used to unlock different types of weapons, equipments and upgrades in the online game. There are also special gameplay modes for gamers who want to take the risk of possibly losing a lot of points. Gamers will be able to purchase contracts with the COD points they earn. The contracts contain information on what missions the player must complete in the online matches. There are a few contracts that require players to complete the mission within a specific time. For instance, you need to obtain at least 20 headshots within a timeframe of 45 minutes. You will be bestowed with a reward that is higher than the contract price if you manage to complete missions. If you fail to complete the mission, you will lose all the COD points you have collected. The best three players will share the prizes after the match end. The rest will not receive any type of reward. What more can you expect in Call of Duty Black Ops?