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AOMEI Backupper Standard 5.0.0

AOMEI Backupper Standard 5.0.0

It is vital to keep a copy your knowledge often to stop potential loss. it's equally vital to use the proper computer code that works simply and ensures the protection of the info insured. If you're searching for a program that may perform complete knowledge backups with simply one click, then you must contemplate Aomei knowledge Backupper.
You can use Aomei knowledge Backupper to perform 3 main forms of backups, namely:
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System Backup

Both boot associate degreed system files should be so as for an OS to operate well. Aomei knowledge Backupper permits you to keep a copy each forms of files to confirm traditional operation when a restore. this is often particularly vital once exploitation Windows seven and later in operation systems that separate boot and system partitions.

Partition Backup

Each laptop has a minimum of one partition, that is often referred to as the C Drive. a tough drive will be divided into many partitions that operate as separate drives, that ar typically accustomed store differing kinds of information. Users will prefer to keep a copy individual partitions rather than entire onerous drives, and Aomei knowledge Backupper packages all content of the chosen partition into one image file.

Partition backup is kind of helpful once coping with several computers exploitation a similar hardware configuration. The OS will be put in in one laptop and insured. The image file will then be accustomed "restore" the OS into remaining computers, that helps to save lots of time considerably.

Disk Backup

This method involves backing up all knowledge on a disk, as well as the OS and put in programs. Aomei knowledge Backupper will be accustomed back even external onerous drives and disks exploitation differing kinds of storage technology, like GPT, MBR and RAID.

In addition to restoring files, disk knowledge backup will facilitate in upgrading onerous disks from tiny to massive, previous to new or broken to smart.


Aomei knowledge Backupper includes many alternative options excluding the functions already mentioned, including:
Volume and partition biological research
The ability to perform differential and progressive backups
The ability to feature comments
Compression and secret writing
Splitting backup files
Creating bootable rescue media, which can get on either USB drive or CD/DVD
Verifying integrity of hold on pictures
Deleting unwanted pictures
Displaying target location on a disk map
The intuitive programme doesn't solely look nice however is additionally straightforward to use. It eliminates possibilities of confusion by as well as solely essential menus.

How Aomei knowledge Backupper Works

Aomei knowledge Backupper packages content into image files. Users simply ought to choose their targets, outline storage location and perform the backup. The program will compress the photographs to require as very little house as potential.


  • Easy installation method and ease of use
  • Back up all knowledge in a very Winchester drive with one click
  • Incremental backup improves backup potency and minimizes space for storing
  • The backup method will be performed whereas functioning on alternative things
  • How much can you get this wonderful software? Nothing.

Software Product Description

A reliable and easy-to-use backup and recovery computer code, FREE for home users and business users use. firmly backup computer and Server, provides one-click backup your system partition. totally defend your laptop to stop knowledge loss.
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Size:   104.5MB
License:   FREEWARE
Publisher:  Publisher
Release Date:   2019-07-04  | Changelog
Submit Date:   2019-07-04

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