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Smart Game Booster

 Smart Game Booster
 Smart Game Booster
f you notice some lag after you play your favorite games on your laptop, then sensible Game Booster can assist you to hurry up your pc for a power tool expertise. The package provides a straightforward thanks to briefly clean up background processes and different superfluous services. though you'll do that manually, the method is involving and needs a better level of pc data.

Using sensible Game Booster

The package put in quick and opened a dark-themed graphical interface with four tabs on the higher half and an outsized button at the middle. It opened the "Boost" tab by default, and that we might merely click the button to hurry up our pc while not creating any custom configuration. However, a "Configure" button slightly below the "Boost" button allowed United States of America to pick out the processes and services that we have a tendency to needed to clean up.

The list of processes enclosed their names, descriptions and recollections whereas the services list displayed names and descriptions. The "Advanced" button on the lower left corner of the configuration window allow us to set method and repair whitelist. Once we have a tendency to had created the desired choices, we have a tendency to clicked the "Apply" button. we have a tendency to then clicked the "Boost" button and therefore the program took some moments before displaying the share with that it had speeded the pc. It conjointly listed the numbers of services and processes stopped likewise as different actions taken, like cleansing RAM and clearing the writing board.

The "Games" tab gave United States of America a straightforward thanks to optimize games by adding them to the sport launching box. we have a tendency to additional games by dragging and dropping them or their shortcuts into the launching box. we have a tendency to launched the games additional to the box victimization simply single mouse clicks, and that we might play them in high and medium settings while not lag.

The "Tweak" tab allowed United States of America to optimize games with one click though it conjointly featured associate knowledgeable mode that enabled United States of America to either import or export things. The "Temperature" tab displayed computer hardware, GPU and motherboard temperatures likewise as fan speed in figure and graph formats, with the small print dynamical in real time. we have a tendency to might favor to show the small print in full-screen vice mode.


Smart Game Booster provides a fast thanks to speed up your pc and optimize games by motion down superfluous processes and services. you'll assemble the means you wish it to launch associated operate to relish an overall higher vice expertise.

Software Product Description

Speed up and optimize your laptop for a power tool and stable vice expertise.


Size: 18.6 MB
License: Freeware
Publisher:    Publisher
Release Date: 2019-06-27
Application Date: 2019-06-27
Operating System: Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8.1 / 10 (32 bit / 64 bit)
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