Monday, August 26, 2019

Sniptool v1.4

A screen capture tool that permits annotation of the captured image.

Sniptool provides most quite the image of your screen's contents you send to the writing board after you press your 'PrintScreen' key. whereas it's even as straightforward to facilitate, screen capture with Sniptool displays the captured image in its interface and provides immediate access to a variety of annotation tools. No got to paste the contents of your writing board into a picture editor. you'll see and edit your screen captured image right within the program.

No installation needed - execute Sniptool on any Windows laptop
Download the Sniptool archive and unfasten the feasible file. Keep it on your system with the handy, straightforward to identify scissors icon on your desktop, or copy it to a flash drive to use whenever and where you would like it.

Launched, the free screen capture tool provides you with a awfully easy computer programme with comprehensive icons for simple navigation of the varied functions. the primary icons on the toolbar at the highest of the interface area unit the oblong and freehanded form tools. Use one among these to stipulate the precise dimensions of a part of your desktop screen you would like to capture and also the image can show on the interface.

Edit your screen capture

The icons, further to the define tools on the highest toolbar, modify fast saving and repetition at right, and pic written material tools, as well as blur and pixelate tools, at the middle. The connected operational tools area unit placed at all-time low of the interface. These modify you to feature text, draw shapes - circles, lines, arrows, and more, highlight and insert bullets. Clicking every tool provides choices for color, size, typeface, etc.

Once you're pleased with your creation, you'll click the toolbar icon to save lots of to JPG or PNG formats. The copy icon can modify you to repeat it to the writing board to stick into another project.

Combine multiple screen captures

The free screen capture tool permits you to feature additional screenshots to your project. Use the define tools to pick the areas of the screen that you just need and that they can every be loaded into the window, every on its own layer so you'll move them around and edit them severally.

Customize Sniptool

Already sensible and simple to use, you'll customise Sniptool for intercalary personal convenience. The settings icon, placed at all-time low left of all-time low toolbar, permits you to specify such preferences as victimisation single or multiple captures and also the size of the parallelogram created after you use blur or pixelate tools.

Free of charge Sniptool could be a helpful, light, feasible utility that's convenient to use to capture a screen image with the good advantage of providing you with annotation tools to use at intervals the program. it's compatible with any recent version of the Windows OS.

Software Product Description

Free screen capture software package that allows you to mix multiple screen captures into one image, annotate the image, and more.


Size:   386KB
License:   FREEWARE
Publisher:  Publisher
Release Date:   2019-06-28
Submit Date:   2019-06-28
OS:  Windows 7/8/10 (32-Bit/64-Bit)

To download the program click here